With so much of our critical information stored in digital form these days, cyber threats are a very real and very serious problem, and they can come from anywhere at any time. You might be familiar with a few of these common types of cyber-attacks:


“malicious software” like viruses, spyware, ransomware, etc. infect computers and can lead to all kinds of business disasters

Phishing/social engineering

fraudulent emails, texts and calls aim to pry sensitive information from unsuspecting victims by posing as a legitimate authority

Man-in-the-middle attack

hackers intercept sensitive data sent between two parties (like your bank login information when you sign into your online banking service)

Distributed-denial-of-service attack (DDoS)

an intentional cyber-traffic overload hogs system resources and network bandwidth effectively shutting everything down

Structured Query Language (SQL) injection

malicious SQL statements can cause data dumps and reveal sensitive information to the attacker

Brute-force attack

a program that decodes encrypted data (like passwords and DES keys) by trying every possible permutation of a string of characters until the correct one is found

These common techniques are a constant threat to large and small businesses alike. When you fall victim to any of these attacks, the results can be catastrophic. You could lose time, money, customers, even your whole business.


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