case study

Great American Title Agency (GATA)


Headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, Great American Title Agency (GATA) provides title services for residential and commercial real estate. They have been Stewart’s #1 Remitting Independent Agent in the state of Ohio for the past six years. GATA engaged with MAXtech starting January of 2022.


With the company doing approximately 8 closings per day, the volume of transactions required minimal downtime. They have a high time sensitivity with very large financial transactions. This presents execution requirements that do not have much tolerance. Their monthly cloud costs had risen, and it was time to review other MSPs.


After assessing the software needs of the client, we found that they could potentially save about 58% of their monthly expenses by working with us. Additionally, owning a server under hardware warranty located in a data center would enhance their speed and overall performance.


MAXtech put together quotes and scope of work documents for different range servers that would be stored in a data center in Columbus. This allowed the client flexibility in performance and budget. Our mission of providing a turnkey solution while decreasing monthly expenditures needed to be seamless within its deployment (without downtime).


A team of four systems administrators and systems engineers were assigned the project. They planned, prepared, and executed the migration in separate lines of effort to accomplish the project without any unplanned downtime.


The migration was completed with minimum unforeseen challenges. There was zero data loss and operations were restored the following business day. The client’s initial investment in equipment and migration costs was recovered in just 10 months and by December 2022, they fully recouped their investment. The desired financial benefits were accomplished.

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