Network Assessment

Your network is the backbone of your business. It is central and integral to your business’ success, but it’s vulnerable too. If something were to happen to your network—if it breaks or gets hacked—you could be in some trouble. Lost data, lost revenue… it can cost you more than the dollars involved.

That’s why we offer a network assessment service: to make sure your network is secure and running smoothly, and able to keep your operation rolling along. Our comprehensive assessment covers every possible angle to prevent network trouble.

Network Assessment Benefits

Bring your own device (BYOD) policy

BYOD policies allow employees to bring their own personal smartphones, laptops, and other internet devices to use for work on your network. While convenient, BYOD policies can present a security problem without proper guidelines.

Network Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities

Outdated software and unpatched security vulnerabilities can leave gaping holes in your network security. Firewalls, anti-malware programs, monitoring software, operating systems, and more all need software updates and maintenance.

Assess network bandwidth demands

Your internet network is a series of light-speed highways sending data back and forth. When there’s too much traffic, everything slows down. Your network bandwidth determines how much traffic (and how many devices) the network can handle at one time. We’ll determine your total network load and make sure your network can handle it.

Assess Network Infrastructure Issues

Your IT infrastructure is everything encompassing your office network. The cables and wiring from the wall to the server, the servers themselves, the internet modems and Wi-Fi routers, the programs and software that manage and monitor everything—that’s network infrastructure. Our audit will uncover any problems with the above components and present you with the best recommendations.

Network Data and File Security

Sensitive data and important files should always be encrypted to keep them safe from hackers, should you experience a cyberattack. We make sure that both your network data and files are fully encrypted, both in transit and at rest. No matter where it’s going or where it ends up, your information is safe and secure.

Network Upgrades

Improvements to your office network could help increase productivity, and thus profits. We can increase data speeds from 1 to 10 gigabytes or more, bolster your network security, and upgrade infrastructure hardware.