case study

Scott technology (new zealand)


Scott Technology is a global technology, automation, and robotics company based in New Zealand. Several years ago, the company purchased some smaller companies, including RobotWorx (based in Marion, Ohio) and Transbotics (located in Charlotte, North Carolina). They needed IT help with the transition for these particular businesses. 


We were tasked with merging the acquisitions’ systems with Scott Technology’s own. The problem was getting to the necessary data for the migration, which was stored on a server that their then-current MSP would not grant access to. After years of looking for a partner to take on the challenge of getting their data out, the company was introduced to MAXtech.


Using a normal, non-elevated user account, MAXtech engineers determined the role of each server, then they strategized a migration plan to do a complete, seamless migration overnight—with no business or operational interruptions.


Scott Technology acquired new physical servers and put them at each location. These servers acted as “swing” servers until we were able to get all their server requirements moved to Microsoft 365 (Office 365 and Azure). We re-organized the V-LANs, Active Directory Domain Controllers, and ERP application servers. We also set up a new Wi-Fi network and provided general day-to-day technical support to in-office and remote staff.


In these situations, it is best to plan, plan again, and then once more for good measure. As a joint effort with the IT staff in New Zealand, we put together an action plan with specifics around the order of operations. It was imperative to operate without red flags to the current IT company that housed the servers. 


Without the assistance of the current IT vendor, MAXtech installed backup software on each server that could replicate to our own server. Once the backup was complete, we restored to the client’s on-premise servers. We did a test run on the migration, then planned a Friday-after-hours operation for the actual migration.