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10 Tips to Spot Phishing Emails

With the increase in ransomware attacks, there are more phishing emails now than ever. Hackers are becoming more and more skilled, which makes it tougher to identify these emails. In this video, we discuss 10 tips for how to spot phishing emails with examples of each.

BitLocker Demonstration

BitLocker is a great tool to use in Windows computers (professional edition) to protect sensitive data. In this demonstration, Lauren walks us through determining the type of computer you have and enabling BitLocker.

The definitive

Cybersecurity Guide



In this demonstration, Lauren reviews the benefits of Cisco DUO and what to expect once it’s installed on your computer. MAXtech is a Cisco DUO partner and happy to answer any questions that you may have about it.

Barracuda Email Security

In this video, Lauren explains the hidden threats of email and how Barracuda can help keep your inbox safe and secure.

Data backup

best practices


10 Tips to Better Protect You from Cyber Threats

Matt Enderle and Adam Ray discuss how you can protect your small business from cyber attacks. Taking these small steps of preventative action are essential to keep your business free of hackers.

How to clean up your email inbox

Learn how to clean up your email inbox through email rules in this MAXtech University video. Cleaning up your email inbox offers plenty of benefits including increased productivity, organization, communication, and storage space.

Phishing Email Tips

In this video, Adrian O’Dell discusses phishing emails and how to avoid them. Phishing emails can lead to ransomware and personal access from hackers. It is imperative to know the difference in these emails.

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